Virtualization and Cloud Services

PPS has worked on multiple virtualization projects with our clients. We have provided technical proof of concepts that have led to full implementations, as value and efficiency are key advantages of moving to a virtualized platform.

Advantages of Virtualization:

  • Server Consolidation
    It is not unusual to achieve 10:1 virtual to physical machine consolidation. This means that ten server applications can be run on a single machine that had required as many physical computers to provide the unique operating system and technical specification environments in order to operate. Server utilization is optimized and legacy software can maintain old OS configurations, while new applications are running in VMs with updated platforms.
  • Dynamic Load Balancing and Disaster Recovery.
    Disaster recovery is a critical component for IT, as system crashes can create huge economic losses. Virtualization technology enables a virtual image on a machine to be instantly re-imaged on another server if a machine failure occurs.

Highlighted Virtualization implementations include:

  • Development on the Cloud
  • Client Virtualization Project